Thursday, January 20, 2022

12/12/21: Bora Bora's Matira Beach

Photos of our bike ride from our rental on Bora Bora to Matira Beach that we'd seen the day before from the lagoon boat tour:

When you click on the next photo to make it bigger, you'll get a better view of the tiki statue.

After about a half-hour bike ride, we reached the almost deserted Matira Beach. Was it ever worth the ride! We plopped ourselves down on the beautiful white sand and took turns snorkeling all day long in the shallow water. A broken underwater camera equals no photos, unfortunately!

For several hours, we observed several people snorkeling in and around the boat.

The waterside restaurant:

Gorgeous flowers on our ride back to town:

Bora Bora's highest point was described as tombstone-shaped Mount Otemanu.

Before arriving on the island of Bora Bora, Steven and I had ignorantly thought that Bora Bora would be the richest of the French Polynesia islands because of its huge amount of tourism. We were therefore very surprised that almost all the homes we saw were equal to those on the less touristed islands of Huahine and Raiatea. We had mistakenly expected the standard of living would be higher than on those other islands.

The area high school had a large campus across from the water.

I need to become better adept at simultaneously riding a bike and taking photos so they're not as crooked as this in the future!

Next post: A mostly disappointing 4x4 jeep tour of Bora Bora.

Posted on January 20th, 2022, on the last day of our getaway to Palm Springs, California to celebrate Steven's birthday. We sure didn't realize there would be so many great hiking opportunities nearby - so many, in fact, we're already talking about returning for a few days next January as we never even saw downtown Palm Springs at all!

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