Saturday, January 29, 2022

12/16/21: Moorea's Temae Beach

This drop-dead gorgeous view of Cook's Bay greeted us each of our five mornings on the island of Moorea.

We found out on our last day that the owners considered this stone figure that had been made for them their talisman who guarded the property. Don't you love the "hair" on top?! 

As you can no doubt imagine, we only drove up this steep driveway to our rental unit the first day to drop off our bags! From then on, we made sure to park at the bottom of the slope.

Even though Steven and I had already spent quite a bit of time snorkeling and playing around at Matira Beach on the previous island of Bora Bora, we still looked forward to seeing what was considered the best beach on Moorea, Temae Beach.

It was a little surprising to see a number of banners on the rocky, unpaved road to the beach decrying the possible development of the public beach for tourism. I'm guessing that the authorities didn't like the dissension as this and other signs were removed the next time we visited the beach. 

The longish hike to the beach itself:

Michiel, Colleen, and Peggy: I thought of you and our fellow mermaid friends in our water aerobics class back home in the Denver burbs as soon as I saw these people water walking in the turquoise water off the beach.

As soon as we noticed the dark spots, we figured we had come to an ideal place for more snorkeling which had become my favorite activity since arriving in French Polynesia.

It's a bird, no, it's a plane! Since we'd arrived on Moorea by ferry, we hadn't realized the airport was so close to the beach. But there weren't that many planes to create any sort of bother.

I really appreciated my Denver friend Gail telling me these were common mynah birds. She said most people consider them to be thieves and pests but they seemed pleasant enough to me!

The Moorea Green Pearl Golf Course was the only one we noticed on any of the islands in French Polynesia.

Being a true blue Canadian, there was no way I would miss the opportunity to take a photo of this Canadian restaurant!

After a torrential downpour, we were treated to spectacular views of the jagged peaks surrounding Cook's Bay. I couldn't swear to it but I think the first photo is of Mount Tohiea and the second is of Mount Mauaroa, also known as Shark's Tooth!

Next post: Exploring marvelous Moorea!

Posted on January 29th, 2022, from a gorgeously sunny day in Denver's hills. We're not fooled, however, as another winter storm is coming soon to make this the snowiest January on record. Steven and I are so glad we made reservations a year ago to head to Phoenix in a couple of days for the entire month of February for some much warmer weather.

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